Artemis PDS 
Artemis scientists developed a novel spectroscopic technique to resolve the temporal difference of ISF and blood glucose concentration by eliminating the ISF glucose data and deriving the glucose measurement from the spectral data due exclusively to blood. The redesigned Artemis PDS integrates our patented PDS technology to sample the capillary bed and cancel the spectral data due to ISF to produce very accurate blood glucose measurements.

Past attempts at noninvasive glucose measurement and Continuous Glucose Monitors currently on the market measure glucose in interstitial fluid (ISF). The accuracy of ISF measurements are uncertain because blood glucose changes 10 to 20 minutes before ISF glucose. When compared at the exact same time the glucose concentration in blood will usually be different than the glucose concentration in ISF even if both the invasive and noninvasive measurements are 100% accurate.  

Noninvasive Technology
Artemis noninvasive technology applies infrared spectroscopy to measure glucose concentration. The Artemis PDS safely directs infrared light to the skin that reaches the capillary bed just under the surface and is reflected back to the device. The reflectance is analyzed to determine the absorbance of the infrared light at various wavelengths within a certain range. The absorbance spectrum acquired is unique to the specific glucose concentration and the measurement value is calculated using proprietary algorithms.